Gnesen Community Center


The community center was originally built as the Gnesen School and is located at 6356 Howard Gnesen Rd approximately 13 miles north of Duluth. The building has many great features including a gym (with curtained stage), cafeteria with full kitchen and several rooms for meetings. Outside is an outdoor tennis court and large playground. The parking lot is paved and has marked handicap parking close to the doors. The entire center or individual rooms can be rented by contacting our Community Center Manager, Sarah Blix. She can be reached at 721-3158 (office), 341-7945 (cell), or email at

Note: All events held at the Gnesen Community Center that serve liquor of any kind are required to pay an additional security fee for the Security Guard. (If alcoholic beverages are served, no consideration for any beverage that contains alcohol will be charged, whether directly or through the sale of tickets which are used to purchase the beverage, or a fee that is charged or paid when entering the event, which covers the cost of the beverage or if a set amount is added to an event/ticket to cover the cost of the beverage for the evening).

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