Information and Permits

Application for Zoning Permit is required in order to build or alter a structure in Gnesen Township. The process begins when an applicant contacts the Planning and Zoning Officer. The applicant will be required to complete a Land Use Permit Application. Drawings of the structure, a schematic of the lot (including septic and well locations), and parcel identification information must be included.

Land Alteration Permits may be required when alterations are made within shore land districts. Specifics regarding these alterations can be found in the Gnesen Planning and Zoning Ordinance. The completion of an Application for a Land Alteration Permit is required in order to attain a Land Alteration Permit and the process begins by contacting the Gnesen Planning and Zoning Officer.

A Conditional Use Permit is required when the use of land or a development (as defined by Ordinance Number 10) would not be appropriate. However, the use may be allowed with certain restrictions and controls as defined by the Gnesen Planning and Zoning Board and approved by the Gnesen Town Board.

A Variance is required when the request for a land use permit does not comply with Gnesen Planning and Zoning Ordinance #10.  To pursue a variance it is recommended the applicant appear before the Planning and Zoning Board to present a preliminary plan of the project and the reason(s) for the variance.  The Planning and Zoning Board will postpone the request until their next scheduled meeting in order to visit the site, review the plans, and review the practical difficulties associated with the request.

At the next Planning and Zoning Board meeting, discussion will occur on the variance request and a vote will be taken by the board to recommend their approval of the preliminary plan.  If approval is recommended, a Variance Application must be completed and submitted to the Town Clerk along with the necessary fees and documentation.  If approval is not recommened, an applicant can still pursue a variance request by submitting a Variance Application to the Town Clerk along with the necessary fees and documentation as well.

The request for a variance will be heard at a Gnesen Board of Adjustment hearing.  The Board of Adjustment will grant or deny the variance request based on demonstration of practical difficulty, criteria for practical difficulty can be found in Ordinance #10 and Minnesota State Stautes.  If the request is granted, the applicant will have one year to apply for a Land Use Permit corresponsing to the variance.

Gnesen charges fees for permits, variances, and documentation.  To see what these fees are please see the fee schedule listed below.