Planning & Zoning

Planning Commission meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the Gnesen Community Center at 7:00 pm.

Personnel & Contact Information

Gnesen Planning Commission member terms run for three years, and are reappointed by the Town Board at their first meeting after the Annual Meeting.

Carter Williams

Commission Chair

Matt Thibodeau

Commission Member

Richard DeLano

Commission Member

Joe Ferguson

Commission Member

Kathy Buran

Commission Member

Kevin Middleton

Commission Member

Pete Bergman

Commission Member

Sherri Underthun

Commission Member

Carol Jacobson

Commission Member

Rick Hogenson

Zoning Officer

Mike Polzin

Zoning Officer

Hannah Jurek

Planning Secretary


For a full list of short term rentals approved to operate in Gnesen Township, please click the link below:
Gnesen Township Approved Short Term Rental

May Tentative Agenda: Click Here


View minutes from our latest Planning & Zoning Meetings.
Past Planning & Zoning Meeting Minutes can be viewed at the Town Office during office hours.


Comp Plan

The Gnesen Town Comprehensive Plan shall be the document known as the “Community Plan for the Town of Gnesen, Minnesota” adopted January 24, 2022. The Comprehensive Plan may be amended by the Town Board from time to time in accordance with the procedures set forth in Chapter 462, Minnesota Statutes.

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The ordinance shall be known as the LAND USE CONTROLS ORDINANCE FOR THE TOWN OF GNESEN, MINNESOTA, adopted and effective as of December 1, 1975 and otherwise be referred to as Ordinance #10.

Ordinance #10
Short Term Rental Ordinance
Nuisance Ordinance
Administrative Enforcement Ordinance & Administrative Fine Schedule


Gnesen Township adopted the current zoning map known as Gnesen Township Zoning Map Ordinance #10.5 by resolution on May 14, 2018.

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Fee Schedule / Permits / Site Sketch Form / Citizen Complaint Form

Permit Required

A zoning permit shall be obtained before any person may occupy or use any vacant land; or occupy or use and structure hereafter constructed, reconstructed, moved, altered or enlarged; or change the use of a structure or land to a different use; or change a non-conforming use; or place any fill or excavate in any area designated as a shoreland, wetland or which is identified on teh Flood Hazard Map.

Information Required

Applications for a zoning permit shall be accompanied by a plot plan showing clearly and completely the location, dimensions and nature of any structure involved and such other information as the Zoning Officer may require for the administration of this ordinance, together with a filing fee in accordance with a schedule established by resolution of the Town Board.

Fee Schedule
Building Permit
Conditional Use Permit
Interim Use Permit
Land Alteration Permit
Rezone Permit
Variance Permit
Blank Site Sketch Form
Citizen Complaint Form
Short Term Rental Permit
Special Events Permit
Land Division Application

Appraiser / Realtor Resources

Zoning Map

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The Gnesen Planning and Zoning office handles all planning and zoning matters for Gnesen.